The Untersberg at dawn shrouded in a thick layer of mist

Enjoy the view of the Alps from the Untersberg

The Untersberg: from climbing adventures to romantic gondola rides

Fancy a fabulous excursion to alpine heights? In just 10 minutes, you can take the cable car from the valley station in St. Leonhard to Salzburg's highest local mountain, the Untersberg - the mountain station is located at just under 1,800 metres.

Untersberg - Salzburg's local mountain

The Untersberg is unique in the mountain scenery surrounding the city of Salzburg. The mountain massif towers mightily to the west of the city of Salzburg, and numerous legends and myths have grown up around the Untersberg over the course of time.
Most people in the area first hear about Emperor Charlemagne, who supposedly sleeps in the Untersberg, and about the Wild Hunt of the Untersberg, which, according to legend, takes place during the Raunächte (nights of the rains) around Christmas.

However, the Untersberg is not only famous for its legends, but above all for the view of Salzburg and the Alps.

From Grödig/St. Leonhard, the Untersberg cable car has been taking day trippers and hikers up the mountain since 1961. A whole 1,320 metres difference in altitude is covered on the ascent with the gondola.

Panoramic views and outdoor adventures

At the top, you are rewarded with a magnificent panorama: on a clear day, the view extends across the Alps to the Hochkönig, the Salzkammergut and Lake Chiemsee. Good footwear and suitable clothing are essential for the hiking trails around the mountain station.

Of course, experienced mountaineers climb the Untersberg on foot instead of using the cable car. There are several paths leading up the mountain, all of which require absolute surefootedness, a head for heights and fitness!

Other popular sports that can be practised on the Untersberg include paragliding, climbing and, in winter, snowshoeing. However, these sports should only be practised by experienced athletes. When paragliding on the Untersberg, certain flight times must be adhered to due to the proximity to Salzburg Airport. The Luftikus flying club also offers tandem flights for beginners and also helps experienced sportspeople to plan a safe flight.

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