A picture of the Maria Plain church in summer with a beautiful green landscape © Tourismus Salzburg

Pilgrimage Church Maria Plain

Baroque church in the green countryside in Bergheim near Salzburg

A place of spirituality just outside the city of Salzburg

"God so loved the world" - as it is written above the cross on Calvary Hill, this is how it appears when you walk up to the Catholic pilgrimage basilica of Maria Plain. The pilgrimage church, which is one of the most popular places of Marian worship in the Alps, has been enthroned above the city of Salzburg in the north since 1674. The view across to the Alps, the listed ensemble of church and chapel and the marvellous natural surroundings cast a spell over pilgrims on pilgrimages and hikers on exploratory tours.

Maria Plain once...

The Miraculous Image

The story of the image in question goes back to the Thirty Years' War, when the miraculous image of "Mary with the Child Jesus" survived the fire in the Lower Bavarian town of Regen in an extraordinary way. Rudolf von Grimming then brought the miraculous image to the Plainberg near Salzburg. There it was kept in a wooden chapel. Just one year later, the original had to be returned and replaced by a copy to accommodate the large influx of pilgrims.

The Construction of the Church

Construction of the church began in 1671 under Archbishop Max Gandolf and was ceremoniously completed in 1674 with the consecration of the church. The original painting was also donated to the Maria Trost pilgrimage centre in Bavaria, where it is still kept today. The yellow and white façade of the Salzburg pilgrimage basilica with its two towers on the Plainberg shines from afar.

Mozart and Maria Plain

Even the Mozart family liked to visit the place to pray in front of the image of Mary and Jesus and enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding area in Bergheim and Salzburg. Wolfgang Amadeus is also said to have composed his "Coronation Mass" in honour of Mary, which was premiered in 1779 and is still performed in Maria Plain every year on the 5th Sunday after Pentecost.

...and today

Maria Plain Nature Reserve

Sports enthusiasts, hikers and nature lovers are also drawn to Maria Plain, where many paths invite you to take a stroll. The protected area and its surroundings are considered a place of power. After the ascent, you can rest in front of the church under the large lime tree that has stood there for over 100 years. The Hotel Gasthof Maria Plain is located right next to the basilica.

Destination for Pilgrimage and wedding couples

Whether for pilgrims or (Way of St James) hikers, for a Sunday family outing, to attend a holy mass or simply to enjoy the magnificent panorama: Maria Plain in the north of Salzburg is a truly unique place that casts a spell over tourists and locals alike.

The beautiful place is also popular with lovers and wedding couples. Many people have already celebrated their wedding or wedding anniversary in this sacred place.

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