The Eagle's Nest on the Untersberg, with many visitors ©KAyOOw Wikimedia Commons

Eagle's Nest on the Obersalzberg

Historically impressive excursion destination near Berchtesgaden

Former National Socialist quarter in Berchtesgadener Land

The Eagle’s Nest lies high above Berchtesgaden. Simply getting to the once representative building of the national socialists is an impressive feat. Today the massive building, which lies at a high alpine 1,834 meters, is home to a mountain restaurant with a panorama view of the Alps.

The Eagle's Nest and its history

The road up the Obersalzberg is astonishing in its structural uniqueness: 700 metres in altitude are overcome with just one hairpin bend. The Eagle's Nest road has been closed to private transport since 1952. Since then, a special bus has taken visitors to the Eagle's Nest car park.

With the elevator to the Kehlstein

From there, it is an adventurous walk through a 124 metre long tunnel to the elevator. The elevator cabin has been largely preserved in its original state and is fitted with a magnificent, mirrored brass panelling. In just 41 seconds, the modern lift takes tourists directly to the interior of the Eagle's Nest, 124 metres higher up.

Guided Tours

The Eagle's Nest is open from the beginning of May to the end of October and can be visited as part of a guided tour.

Hikes on the Obersalzberg

A beautiful hike also leads to the Kehlsteinhaus, partly via forest paths and partly via asphalt paths.

It is an approx. 2-hour walk from the “Ofener Boden” to the Eagle’s Nest and to the peak. At the top, you will also find the Eagle’s Nest circular path, which guarantees impressive views and insights into the mountain landscape.

Historical Background of Obersalzberg

We also recommend the Obersalzberg documentation at the bus station, where you can learn about the full significance of Obersalzberg in connection with National Socialism.

Your hotel for excursions in Salzburger Land

From the Hotel Scherer you can reach the Obersalzberg car park in three quarters of an hour. The friendly hotel in the centre of Salzburg is therefore an ideal starting point for your excursion to the Berchtesgaden region. All the more so as we can offer our guests parking spaces directly at the hotel and Salzburg's main railway station is only a five-minute walk away.

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