Residenz Palace & Residenzplatz

The Splendour of the Prince-Archbishops and museum experience

The heart of the former prince-archbishop's power in the Salzach city

Flanked by Mozartplatz and the cathedral, not far from Getreidegasse, you will find the centrepiece of the power of the former Prince-Archbishops in the Salzach city: the Alte Residenz and the Neue Residenz Palaces. Today, the museums there provide exciting insights into the city’s history and that of the Prince-Archbishops.

The Alte Residenz

State rooms of the Salzbur rulers

The ruling powers of Salzburg controlled the region’s destinies from the magnificent Alte Residenz until the 19th century. The state rooms, formerly the living quarters and entertainment halls of the Prince-Archbishops, are now part of the museum round tour at DomQuartier (Cathedral Quarter), which also includes rooms of Salzburg Cathedral and St. Peter’s Abbey. In the Residenz gallery, visitors can also admire a vast collection of European painters of the 16th to 19th centuries. All year-round, you can also enjoy the Mozart in Concert event in the Residenz, where historical instruments bring the unique atmosphere to life.

You can visit Salzburg's Residenzplatz all year round and also enjoy the Mozart in Concert event in the Residenz, where historical instruments bring the unique ambience to life.

The Neue Residenz

Museum of Salzburg art and culture

The Neue Residenz, within view opposite the Alte Residenz, houses the Salzburg Museum and the Panorama Museum. The Salzburg Museum whisks you away to the art and cultural history of the city and region of Salzburg, with additional alternating special exhibitions taking place. We recommend you combine this museum with the adjoining Panorama Museum, where you can admire the gigantic round painting of Salzburg (26m circumference) by Johann Michael Sattler from the 19th century. The clock tower of the Neue Residenz, which plays the famous and popular Salzburg Glockenspiel three times a day is also well-known.

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